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Looking for a Base Shaper? Here at Designer Base Shapers we are dedicated to making high quality base shape holders for your designer bags. Whether you have a Chanel, Givenchy, Prada, LV, Celine, Mulberry or all of them, we have a base shaper for you!

Simply select your bag from the most popular options shown below or from our store, then choose the exact model of bag you have so we can send you the correct base shaper. Finally, head straight to the checkout for secure payment and quick delivery! It’s as easy as that!

All of our base shapers are hand crafted from high quality 3mm transparent lightweight acrylic, come with polished edges and rounded corners to ensure they are safe for use in your bag and meet the highest manufacturing standards. You can see more information about what we sell on the “Product Gallery” page.

If you can not see your bag in our store, then please contact us and we will give you a quote for a Custom Base Shaper (usually within 24h). There are No Extra Charges for creating custom Base Shapers, we simply will quote for the materials and work required, so why not give it a try?

Our Base Shaper Store covers all of the classic bags, from Speedy Base Shapers as well as several other Louis Vuitton bags, to Dior, Prada, Chanel and multiple other brands! Don’t let your bag get damaged, buy a Designer Base Shaper today and keep your bag looking the way you want it to for much, much longer!

Featured Products

Below are some of our most popular products, see the store for more designs.

Note: We do not sell the bags, only our own design of Base Shaper to provide them support.


What Makes a Designer Base Shaper?

Designer Base Shapers are a small, lightweight, transparent sheet of acrylic engineered to fit snugly into the bottom of your designer bag. Sitting inside the bag, they can’t be seen from the outside, but their influence can be seen. If you have a handbag made from soft leather such as the Mulberry Del Rey, or a large handbag with thin materials such as a Louis Vuitton Speedy then you may find your bag does not hold its shape well when filled. Adding a Designer Base Shaper to these bags help them to hold their shape and removes the sagging which happens when heavy items are placed in the bags.

Aside from improving the looks of bags made form thin or soft materials, Designer Base Shapers also give handbags noticeably longer lives. Handbags generally experience great amounts of stress around the edges of the base and in their corners, which can lead to a weakening of the seams and eventually holes developing. By adding a Designer Base Shaper to your bag you will help to distribute the weight more evenly across the base, which in turn places less stress on the seams of the bag and will help it to live a longer life!


Designer Base Shaper Store - The Only Place to Buy Premium Base Shapers

Designer Base Shaper Store – The Only Place to Buy Premium Base Shapers
Click the image to go straight to the Designer Base Shaper Store!



Why Buy from Design Base Shapers?

Designer Base Shapers uses only the highest quality Perspex to manufacture our trademark base shapers which ensures we give you only the best possible products when you buy from us. All of our base shapers are cut using a laser cutter, which means we can give you sizes accurate to 0.5mm, and are finished and checked by hand to ensure no product is delivered to our customers without the approval of a highly qualified craftsman.

But the best thing about Designer Base Shapers is that we pride ourselves on having the best customer service in the business! That is why the Designer Base Shapers team are ready to answer your questions 24 hours a day, simply drop us an e-mail via our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

  • High quality Perspex material
  • Laser cut with precision and accurate to less than 0.5mm
  • Finished and checked by master craftsmen to ensure quality
  • Rounded corners and polished edges for added bag protection
  • 60 day, no questions asked return policy on all standard sizes
  • Custom base shaper service for no extra charge!


Recent Customer Feedback for Designer Base Shapers

Here are just a selection of the comments we have got from some of our happy customers over the past few months. We hope that you decide to join them too!

“Thank you for all the help! Love how quickly you reply, i cant wait to mention you on one of my videos!”


“I just got my base shaper for my Bayswater and I absolutely love it, my bag looks so much better now!”


“HI, I just received it and I LOVE IT! Thanks! :)”


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